Gallery 3

In 2018 Gallery 3 will host a series of exhibitions, showcasing the work of four artists.

 Harriet 37Boat with fish

From the 24th of July until the 1st of September textile artist Harriet Chapman joins us in Gallery 3. Harriet’s quirky textiles are simply beautiful and her work ranges from applique pieces inspired by the built and natural landscapes of Wales to unique accessories such as bags and purses. Although this is the first time Harriet has had an exhibition with us, anyone who has visited The Welsh Quilt Centre will instantly recognise Harriet’s work as we sell her accessories in our gallery shop. Harriet’s creative process begins with her designing digital prints; these are then brought to life by using a layering mixed media technique.

I have been designing my own digital prints and making them into products since 2008. More recently I have been using the off cuts from the digital prints as a pallet for framed patchwork/applique pieces I also use hand and machine stitch to create layers. The work depicts my vision of Wales and the changes that it has gone through. The red kites becoming more prevalent, old unused chapels with the beautiful old gravestones and the houses that I lived in. My inspiration is very much all influenced by my mother and her obsession with collecting antiques including welsh quilts, boat paintings etc.

Assembling Time through Pattern will be on in Gallery 3 from the 24th of July until the 1st of September 2018 and admission is free.* However for those who can’t wait until then please visit our gallery shop where we have a fabulous selection of Harriet’s stunning bags and purses.

*Admission charges apply to the main Courtroom Gallery and Gallery 2.


Previously in Gallery 3

10th of March until the 28th of April  2018 Valeriane Leblond

Valeriane Valeriane

Yn araf deg Trwy wyn y dydd

"Once again, we are delighted to welcome the exquisite work of Valeriane Leblond to Gallery 3. Valeriane’s work is very popular and highly sought after. Her last exhibition at The Welsh Quilt Centre was a great success as all her work sold out quite quickly. Her artwork is inspired by her surroundings, the ever changing landscapes of rural Wales and its people seen through the eyes of a French artist. Valeriane Leblond has lived in Wales for over ten years and her work includes painting and illustrating books.

"To create the paintings for this exhibition, I have chosen my own favourite quilts from Jen Jones collection. Some are bold bright flannel quilts, some are patchwork quilts with subtle tones, and it is a pleasure to paint them into a landscape and tell a story around them. My pictures often reflect the relation between people, home and landscape, and the Welsh quilts are a perfect continuation on that theme. The history surrounding the quilts and the fact that they are mostly a women's craft make them very interesting as well, they were a household essential but also a mean of expression for women at a time of disregard in the art world.”


 On the 1st of May until the 9th of June 2018 the renowned textile artist Janet Bolton comes to Gallery 3. We are absolutely delighted to once again welcome Janet to The Welsh Quilt Centre.

Owl in FlightThree sheep on a starry night


Janet’s connection with Jen and The Welsh Quilt Centre goes way back, she has done workshops, exhibitions and her books are sold in our Gallery shop. Janet was the first textile artist to do a workshop with us and has done many more since. Her delightful textile pictures have also been exhibited alongside our historic Welsh Quilts in the Courtroom Gallery. Janet Bolton composes textile pictures using the simplest of hand sewing techniques. Her inspiration comes from visual experience, memory, imagination.


Elizabeth Brown landscapeElizabeth Brown seascape


From the 11th of June until the 21st of July 2018 The Welsh Quilt Centre is delighted to welcome the international artist Elizabeth A Brown to Gallery 3. This is the first time Elizabeth has exhibited at The Welsh Quilt Centre and we are thrilled to present My Passion with Art a unique exhibition of watercolours and oils in various sizes including miniatures.

Warwickshire born Elizabeth’s love of travelling has always been a major influence on her work. Elizabeth began painting pictures depicting her new surroundings as she travelled overseas. The countries of Spain, Iran and the United Arab Emirates inspired her to paint. Whilst living in the UAE the popularity of her work led to exhibitions in various galleries, and her greeting cards and calendars being sold commercially. Elizabeth‘s status as a commercial artist was boosted further as luxury hotels, The Ramada and Hilton chose to use her work for their interiors.

After leaving the UAE, Elizabeth and her husband relocated to Lincoln and lived there for 15 years renovating a Methodist Chapel and School House before re-locating again to Wales, where they still live today.

In 1996 Elizabeth successfully ventured into the World of Miniatures, where she has won numerous worldwide awards and has exhibited on a global basis. Her work now forms part of many private collections at home and in most countries of the world, and she has also had work purchased by the Fine Arts Museum in Colorado, USA as part of their permanent collection.

Elizabeth A Brown’s My Passion with Art is on in Gallery 3 from the 11th of June until the 21st of July. Admission is free to Gallery 3 but admission charges apply to the main Courtroom Gallery and Gallery 2. Links:

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