Cambrian Mountain Initiative

Cambrian Mountains Initiative - ambassador
The Cambrian Mountains Initiative is, in its own words, "a wide-ranging project that aims to help promote rural enterprise, protect the environment and add value to products and services in Mid Wales." 

In its own way, nothing can be more rural than the market town of Lampeter. Set deep in the Welsh countryside, it conjours up images of sheep and dairy farming, Welsh Tourism and Welsh cottages nestling in the woodlands and valleys of the Cambrian hills.

From the point of view of the Welsh Quilt Centre, it is all of this and more. Part of what the centre demonstrates is that there a history of home and factory industry in West Wales where beautiful quilts and blankets were made, first for home consumption and then for the wider world. It would, of course, be perfectly possible for Welsh Quilts to end up in the museums of Cardiff, but it always seemed important that the tradition should be shown where it grew and flourished.

The Welsh Quiilt Centre, then, is proud to be a part of the Cambrian Mountain initiative, an unapologetic attempt to draw the crowds' attention away from the attractions of the coastal resorts and to build on the traditions of Welsh food and industry in the region.

The Cambrian Mountains Initiative was inspired by HRH The Prince of Wales who as the Cambrian Mountains Initiative President wishes to help sustain traditional upland farms and rural communities. If you want to read more about the project and what it has to offer, why not visit their website by following this link.

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