Paisley Renaissance

Llanelli strippy quilt
Llanelli Strippy Quilt - Jen Jones Collection
The original inspiration for the exhibition

Jen Jones and Sandie Lush have collaborated for many years, with Sandie exhibiting her splendid work and running annual quilting workshops. Sandie will be running a 2 day workshop on the 16th and 17th of September.

More About the Workshop

Our exhibition in Gallery 2, Paisley Renaissance sprang from the enthusiasm of Sandie Lush, the eminent quilter, for one of the quilts in the Jen Jones collection.

Sandie Lush is an internationally renowned prize-winning hand quilter with a passion for Welsh quilts. In creating her own original quilt designs, Sandie occasionally draws inspiration from quilts of the past. One such quilt is the wonderful Llanelli strippy quilt in Jen’s collection, made by Mrs May Thomas at the beginning of the 20th century. Just over 100 years later in 2002, Sandie took the Welsh paisley motif from this quilt and combined it with another traditional Welsh design known as Welsh Trail to create her quilt ‘In the Pink’.

Excited by the design possibilities of these motifs, Sandie went on to create a series of quilts using them (along with a couple of other traditional favourites) to illustrate the versatility of both design and style that embody the Welsh quilts she so loves. 

In the exhibition you can see how Sandie has taken the design and created the quilts you can see on display.

This exhibition is now closed

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