The Welsh Quilt Party - 2015 Exhibition

The Welsh Quilt Party

Our new exhibition for 2015

7th March to the 31st October

PrimmyRunning from 7th March to 31st October, our 2015 exhibition is an eclectic and sumptuous mix of quilts, textiles, paintings and pottery. We are thrilled to welcome the work of Eiriann and Denys Short and Cefyn Burgess to give a collaborative of colour and style. The exhibits on show include:

Historic Welsh Quilts 1812 - 1930

A superb collection from the Jen Jones collection, many exhibited here for the first time. Joining them as guests this year are:

Eirian Shortcefyn burgess chapel

Her extraordinary embroideries leap out of the frame in a brilliant cornucopia of pottery, animals and flowers.

Denys Short

Paintings, immersed in Wales textile heritage, blur the distinction between fabric and paint.

Cefynn Burgess

Dissent, emigration and testiles: three strands so deeply woven into the history and memory of wales are drawn together in his evocative images of the fast disappearing chapels of Wales and the New World.

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