Jen Jones Challenge - The Winners

After a great deal of discussion, deliberation and vote counting we are delighted to announce the winners of the Jen Jones Quilt Challenge 2017.

We were overwhelmed by the initial response when we set the challenge back in 2016 and found it extremely difficult to choose just 34 finalists from the hundreds that applied. Looking at all the quilts submitted it certainly highlights the fact that there are so many different techniques when it comes to quilting and we would like to congratulate all the finalists whose work made it to the exhibition in Gallery 2 at The Welsh Quilt Centre.

The three categories were:

  • Judge’s Choice- Sandie Lush
  • Judge’s Choice- Jen Jones
  • Visitor’s choice- Visitors to the finalists’ exhibition were invited to select a ‘favourite’ (votes were cast from the 10th of March until the 30th of September)

The Winners

The winners of The Jen Jones Quilt Challenge 2017 are:

'Welsh Treasure' Quilt by Helen Burnham
'Welsh Treasure’ by Helen Burnham - chosen by Sandie Lush
A Tasty Dish - Quilt by Judith Dursley
'A Tasty Dish’ by Judith Dursley - chosen by Jen Jones
Redwork Strippy Quilt by Jacquie Harvey
'Redwork Strippy' by Jacquie Harvey - chosen by our visitors

Congratulations to Helen, Judith and Jacquie.

Highly Commended

However, as the standard was so high we decided that a further three quilts deserve to be ‘Highly Commended’. Congratulations to quilters Bethan Hughes, Susan Tomlinson and Jeanne Treleaven.

A few special mentions, first to finalist Camilla Watson for kindly donating her ‘Ddraig’ quilt to The Welsh Quilt Centre, thank you Camilla! And also to Helen Burnham and Susan Tomlinson, we are overjoyed that two of our volunteers did so well in the Challenge and we thank them for their continuing support too.

Thank you, finally, to everyone who took the time to apply and share their quilting work with us. It has been wonderful seeing so many examples of design and stitching and it’s good to know that the tradition of quilting is just as popular and relevant today.

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