Ruth Packham - Felt Work

This is an exhibition of work made from wool fibre by Ruth over the last few years which hopefully shows Ruth's passion for felt making. The work is inspired by Borth, Ruth's seaside home, her love of colour and pattern, her obsession with birds, real and imagined as well as her sense of fun.

An artist with a love of textiles for the last 20 years Ruth made her first piece of felt only 6 years ago.

Ruth was instantly mesmerised by the process of felt making; the way in which a pile of 'fluff' can be transformed in to a strong piece of fabric with just water, a little soap and some rolling.

Beginning with wall pieces Ruth used the wool fibre to draw, creating sketches from felt, choosing British wool fibre dyed in sumptuous colours for her pieces.

Experimenting in her studio, at her home in Borth, Ruth learned how to create 3 dimensional vessels, vases, bowls, hats and bags, and thus about how wool has a memory and how it can be sculpted and moulded and how infinitely versatile as a material it truly is.

And then 5 years ago Ruth became aware of needle felting or dry felting as it is also known. A process whereby wool fibre is repeatedly stabbed with a barbed needle, thus entangling the wool fibres to the extent that they can be turned into 3 dimensional shapes.The more the fibres are stabbed the harder they become.

Ruth makes birds and mammals and dragons on request, always with the hope that her creatures will raise a smile, or an 'ah!' or both.

With her participation in various wool events over the last 5 years, Ruth has developed a number of needle felting kits which guide the user through the process of creating one of her unique creatures.

Ruth teaches locally, nationally and internationally and has taken her work to Oman and Italy and Norway.

The exhibition of Ruth's work runs from March 7th to 9th May.

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