Jen Jones Quilt Challenge - 2017

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The competitors' work

Our Exhibition in Gallery 2 for 2017

When we set quilters a challenge in March last year, little did we realise just what a wonderful response we would receive. There were so many quilters who rose to the occasion and submitted quilts. It made the job of picking the finalists for display a wonderfully difficult task.

The resulting display is a breathtaking array of designs and styles, all beautifully executed and presented with some wonderful examples of design and stitching. It's an exhibition you have to see as it confirms that the quilting tradition is alive and well with great work still being produced today.

During the course of the exhibition, our visitors will get the chance to vote for their "favourite" quilt. They really are a "must-see"

The exhibition runs from 10th March to the 4th November in Gallery 2

The results

For the results of the competition, please follow the link

View the Winners

Some Competitor Submissions

To whet your appetite, we have set out a gallery of the submitted quilts for you to see below. Do come to the Welsh Quilt Centre and view them for yourself.

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